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Real projects, real situations, real achievements and real help

The ultimate in team building experience with built in opportunities for personal growth and the feel-good factor that only comes from real projects, real situations, real achievements and real help.

Where people of all ages can learn to thrive; and share skills and knowledge to create a safe, happy, nurturing and natural environment.

Positive Behaviour

Children who have social, emotional, communication and behavioural needs can learn new more positive behaviours, develop a range of life skills to enable more secure attachments and practice strategies for controlling their emotions and coping with everyday challenges.

Life Skills

A range of learning experiences are offered to help people of all ages develop self-awareness, self-esteem and personal and social skills.

Strengths Based Learning

People of all ages can be helped to develop their individual strengths, self confidence and team work through personally tailored projects and activities.

Sustainability and Eco friendly

Knowledge and skills can be developed and shared to foster care and appreciation of our natural world. We use recycled and fair trade materials as much as possible in our work.

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Hygge is the Danish art of creating a sense of friendship, conviviality and contentment rolled into one. Its more than being in natural surroundings and a nurturing environment, it comes from the way people behave towards one another.
It also what makes Denmark the happiest country in the world.

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